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Comparing Merchant of Venice, Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing :: comparison compare contrast essays

Craftiness and Disguise in Merchant of Venice, Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing   â Shakespeare utilizes comparable comic components to impact comparable results in his works.â Many of his plays use cunning and mask to achieve comparative endings.   â â â Trickery assumes a significant job in The Merchant of Venice and drives the majority of the activity, while mixed up personality, explicitly Portia's mask as the learned attorney's agent, assumes a significant job in the goals of the play.â The main case of deceit in the play is Bassanio's arrangement to present himself as a monetarily solid admirer, when in truth, he isn't.   â â â Bassanio accepts that he would have an excellent potential for success of being the effective admirer on the off chance that he had the correct cash backing him.â Bassanio, at that point goes to his companion Antonio to attempt to tie down a credit to accommodate his charming.   â â â O my Antonio, had I however the methods/To hold an opponent  â â â place with one of them [other suitors]/I have a  â â â mind foretells me such frugality/That I ought to  â â â questionless be blessed! (Shakespeare,  â â â Merchant 1.1 173-176)   â â â However, Antonio has, neither the cash, nor item/to raise a present entirety however encourages Bassanio to experience Venice to attempt to make sure about an advance utilizing Antonio's bond as credit (Shakespeare, Merchant 1.1 178-179).   â â â One of the inhabitant cash banks of Venice is an individual called Shylock, an individual of Jewish drop. The act of usury was generally restricted by the Christian church.â This permitted numerous Jews, in light of the fact that their conviction framework contained no issue with beneficial cash loaning, to turn into the de facto credit officers.â Bassanio approaches Shylock to request an advance, and Shylock appears as though he will concur, be that as it may, he initially requests to talk with Antonio.â It is uncovered in an aside that Shylock harbors a mystery scorn of Antonio due to his religion and Shylock's conviction that Antonio's practices drive down the financing costs that Shylock can charge in Venice. Here we see the second case of guile and double dealing inside The Merchant of Venice. Shylock appears to have extraordinary information on the places of Antonio's armada and inauspiciously takes note of that, ships are nevertheless sheets, mariners yet men (Shakespeare,

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A historical and critical analysis of an entrepreneurial venture (Gap Essay

An authentic and basic examination of an innovative endeavor (Gap Inc.) - Essay Example He accepted that he could do the business his own specific manner making a one of a kind section into a market overwhelmed with easygoing wear stores. 1.2 The Entrepreneur Gap Inc. is an association whose brainchild id Don Fisher and his Doris. The business began as a little privately-run company in San Francisco where he lived with his family. Wear originated from a white collar class family, which had settled in a two-story house in San Francisco. Wear had extraordinary vision from beginning periods throughout everyday life. He could review incredible developments in United States, for example, Golden Gate Bridge, which started his life to make a distinction in a lifetime. His own life remembers investing energy for the sea shore as a method of making the most of his end of the week. Wear went to UC Berkeley University where he examined business organization degree (Don, 2009:12). Wear reviews that his business thoughts originated from his initial days in the University where his, which he verify didn't cut over his brain. Wear filled in as US Naval hold and partook in settling on choices for his dad in conferences. He wedded Doris who modified his life to turn into a famous business person a cross the globe. 1.3 Opportunity for the endeavor Don had the possibility that business couldn't simply take care of his tabs yet would likewise energize him. He set aside some effort to accomplish this aspiration. Wear affirms that without terrible need Gap Inc. would not be ever. Wear who had been doing business with his dad, fanned out to start his own business in mid 1960s. Wear utilized the principal opportunity that came his direction when he purchased Capitol Park inn. He revamped the structure and rented a portion of its space to Levi’s salesman. Levi’s sales rep accepted the open door to open a showroom inside the structure. Wear referenced that he delighted in the field made by the showroom in the structure. Open door for the undertaking came when Don couldn't locate the correct gasp size. He had purchased pants that couldn't coordinate their needs. Wear reviewed that Doris and him strolled through the roads of San Francisco and neglected to get the correct sizes. At that point the thought came imagine a scenario in which somebody loaded all sizes. 1.4. The inspiration to establish the endeavor Don inspiration was Levi’s showroom in his capital park lodging building that he had purchased. Wear and Doris calculated the circumstance around the city and felt that it was a smart thought to make their own retail location that would provide food for age 12 to 25. The inclination to change the fundamental circumstance inspired their concept of business. Wear had expressed that he had little thought regarding retail business yet that couldn't let his perspectives breakdown in one drop. Wear noticed that he didn't have a comparative rival in San Francisco narrows that had comparative items. Business characters are quick to ass ess factors that would cause their business to flourish. 1.5. Abuse of the endeavor and procurement of asset Don thought of the name of his new pursuit and settled to name Pants and Disks. His better half Doris changed the name by giving the business opportunity the name Gap. Wear led a statistical surveying before a composing a marketable strategy about the proposed store. He noted in his statistical surveying that the area of the Capital Park building would address the necessities of clients age 12 to 25. The area had satisfactory stopping. He laid out that his prosperity would rely upon right workers and sufficient stock. He was unable to stand to disregard the impact of stock or capital for the business. Hole creation was to abuse the current assets that Don gained. Asset obtaining and

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Facebook Groups The Best-Kept Secret for Boosting Your Business

Facebook Groups The Best-Kept Secret for Boosting Your Business Have you ever wondered what does it take to successfully grow your business by using Facebook groups?It may sound silly, but it’s actually one of the hottest topics among people who want to run a good business and attract an audience! Here’s the chance to learn more on that!When Facebook appeared, the initial idea was just to connect people. People were thrilled how easily they could get in touch with their friends and relatives all over the world.As time goes by, the network is growing rapidly, and expanding its purpose. As the statistics say, there are now over 2 billion active users on monthly basis.Besides connecting with each other, people have been using Facebook for business purposes as well for quite some time. Taking the total number of active users we mentioned, 1 billion of them is a member of some Facebook group. The number is growing at the speed of light!If curiosity has already started killing you, stay with us! We have prepared an ultimate guide on how do groups w ork, what’s their secret, how to create a successful group and boost your business, and many more.It’s very hard to stand out among competition nowadays, and knowing which steps to follow makes the whole process easier and faster.Read all our tips and tricks and start growing a successful and prospective business!WHY ARE FACEBOOK GROUPS SO POPULAR?You can assume why Facebook is so popular, but what’s the secret magic of Facebook groups? Why are they now considered as a powerful tool for growing your business?Regardless of talking about a Facebook group, or any other group in general, people join them for a unique reason. People like to belong, that’s a common thing.Being a part of any group means exchanging experiences and opinions with like-minded people. It’s a sort of safe environment where people feel free to discuss various topics in common, exchange ideas, read the freshest news.Whether it’s for fun or business, the feeling of belonging to a group where you share l ots of things in common with other members is a pleasant one.If we talk in terms of business, you can apply the same rules. Whether you want to start up a new or expand the existing business, don’t underestimate the power of Facebook groups. People will be looking for attractive content and creative ideas, and your group could be just the thing.HOW TO USE FACEBOOK GROUPS TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESSThere are several ways in which Facebook groups can be helpful, especially if your business depends on marketing and reaching out a lot of people.Therefore, you can use these groups to advertise your brand or to present your products. Okay, but how exactly can I use them?FACEBOOK MARKETING AND TARGETING GROUPSHave you ever came across so-called Facebook targeting? Basically, Facebook gathers all of the information, every single like and every single check-in that you ever had. Why is that, you may ask (it is creepy, right?). Well, did it ever cross your mind why are you, all of a sudden, se eing all of those cool watches ads when you literary just joined some group called Festina Watches members?People around the globe are making commercials and ads to run them on Facebook. Once they pick their niche, they can actually target someone with the same interest. For example, if you want to sell the dog leash, there is an option for you to present your dog leash ad to all of the members of Facebook group called Dog leashes, collars, and much more“.You can even narrow down targeting with combining Dog leashes, collars, and much more“ with some other group (for example Corgy lovers). So, if you are selling Corgy leashes it is more likely to sell it to someone who loves Corgies (since he is in the group) and Dog leashes, collars, and much more“.That way, it is more likely for you to present your add to someone that actually would like to buy your dog leash.INFLUENCERSThe second most popular way of advertising your business and using Facebook groups is by literary contacti ng influencers. Let’s take the same example: you want to sell the dog leash. Okay, now you need to find the group that is big enough to advertise your ads.Literary contact the group’s founder and ask him/her to run ad for you on his/her page. Of course, the founder won’t do it for free!And that is yet another way of how you can use your own group (if you have any) â€" charge others for the advertising.However, let’s say that you want to run your add to million members group called   Dog leashes, collars, and much more. Their price will probably go around $100. Out of million members that are interested in collars, leashes, etc. how much will see your add?Let it be 100 000, and probably will be much more. Out of 100 000, there is a good chance that 100 will buy it. If your dog leash is $10 (for example), your investment is clearly a good one. Even opposite- if no one buys your dog leash, there is a lot of traffic going through your website, store or whatever business you are doing, meaning that these $100 are not in vain.This is how you can use others’ groups to grow your business. On the other side, there are numerous ways of using your own group to promote your business.For example, people that joined your Rolex watches   group have a serious interest in Rolex watches. So, if you promote some Rolex wristbands on your Rolex watches group, it’s more likely to sell those rather than promoting puppy toys on Rolex watches group. In other words, you can grow your business by targeting people that are more likely to buy the things that they previously liked and showed some interest for.You are one step ahead- you know exactly what your members like and want, and you can use it wisely to grow your business.On the other side, you can become an influencer and charge running ads on your group.THE BEST-KEPT SECRETS FOR BOOSTING BUSINESS USING FACEBOOK GROUPSCreating a group itself isnt difficult at all, but creating it the right way requires knowledge and pat ience. The secret is actually in your idea because if you have a good starting point, you are on the half way to success.Here are top 5 best-kept secrets for boosting business by using Facebook groups:Have an idea â€" the most important stepCreate a group which will reflect your business ideaMaintain the group activeSpread the word of your business groupMind the safety of the groupThese are more or less the rules which can be applied to any type. If it’s the one made for business purposes, you need to pay extra attention. After all, it’s your business we’re talking about. Only if you follow all these steps and have the last three steps checked and done regularly, you have high chances of boosting your business.Baby steps first, it’s time to learn how to create a good group that can actually help you grow your business.How to create a successful Facebook group for boosting your business?We mentioned the importance of the idea. That’s essential for any business, not just for creating a Facebook group. Before you actually start with any of the below-mentioned steps, make sure you know what you want. These are the tips that will help you create a Facebook group for business purposes with a lot of potentials.1. Know your nicheWho are the people you are actually trying to reach to? In order to find out who is an ideal member of your group, you can create a profile of an ideal group member. That means you should visualize how a potential member should look like. Of course, we are not talking appearance, but likes and dislikes, interests, hobbies, etc.In short, all the close and personal information that can be of use when it comes to joining your group. Once you have the profile of your potential member, start looking for such people or set up your group in a way to correspond to the characteristics of a potential member.After figuring out your niche, it’s time for some technical steps: Log in to Fb Click the downwards arrow (it’s on the right!) Find th e “Create Group” option from the drop-down menu Name the groupIt shouldn’t be neither long nor a short one, but somehow in between. The name should be a specific one, rich in keywords so that people can find you easier.For example, if there are groups named “English grammar” or “English grammar for beginners”, which do you think has higher chances of success? The second one, of course, because it targets the members specifically. When the name is precise and reflects a high level of commonality, people will find you easier. Label the group as “Closed” As for the visibility, there are options to create a public, closed and secret group. The second one has most of the potential. The public is for everyone, a secret is good for communicating with team members, and closed is just what it takes to maintain the balance.In this option, everyone can find the group, but only the members can see the posts. This option gives the group a sense of exclusiveness and that’s wha t people want. It’s not the point to gather as many members as you can, but rather a group of like-minded ones. Add at least one friend for the beginningYou will agree that it’s kinda annoying when, out of nowhere, you start receiving notifications from a random group someone has added you without having you informed? It’s just rude and unprofessional.Never do that, but ask people first if they are interested in joining your group. That will make them feel special for getting an invitation from you personally. You will get a member who will passionately follow your content and share it with people who might be interested. Add a description and choose 5 descriptive tagsThe description you write has to be engaging. That’s the first thing people see, and you have to catch their attention by giving them what they need. It has to sound catchy and clear. You have to inform people who are the group meant for, what is the purpose and what are the benefits of joining.Adding a set of rules or a brief guideline is also a good option. Adding links to other group-related content if any is also useful. Tags are some sort of shortcut how people will find your group easier. Add a photo (mind the license)An interesting cover photo also adds value to the group. It has to be something that will reflect the purpose and the point of your group. If you choose a photo from Flickr or similar platforms, pay attention to the licenses.If it is “commercial use allowed” that means that the author of the photography is okay with using the photo for commercial purposes. You also have the option to hire a designer or create a photo by yourself. In many cases, make sure it looks attractive and memorable, and in a way informative. Go to “Edit Group Settings” and select preferencesThere, you choose a group type and location, to make it easier for people to find you. You also have the option to set up questions for pending members. That way both you and the potential member can see whether the group is suitable. Answers are seen only by admins and moderators. Save all and voila!As you can see, it takes just these ten simple steps to create a group, at least the basic one which you will upgrade and tailor to your ideas.After creating your group, there are several   things that you need to consider in order to grow it really big:2. Create content on a daily basisIt’s not always easy to find time and inspiration to say something that will motivate people and keep them interested in your group. But who says it has to be a profound thought every day. You can make a sort of schedule where you will mix fun and useful bits of information.It can be something related to each day, in a thematic way, something like Motivating Monday, Funny Friday and similar things. If you are out of your own ideas, you can always post an interesting quotation. The whole purpose of creating a content every day is to show members that you are doing your best to keep the group fresh a nd active.3. Use the power of live videoIn this world of digitalization of everything, people appreciate the existence of an actual and real human being. Connecting with members via live video makes your group more valuable. That way you address to members personally, and that means a lot nowadays. The ideal length should be about 15 to 20 minutes. People will stay concentrated to follow what you prepared and you won’t take a lot of their time.Prepare the content you will introduce in your live video in advance. And remember- being yourself is what will make your group authentic and outstanding. The more you go live, the better you will be with each video. Even if you make some small mistake, don’t be afraid. Humans make mistakes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, the members will appreciate the spontaneity of your video.4. Keep the group active and engagingBesides posting your own ideas and thought, motivate people by posting topics to discuss. Respond to the questions your members have asked you. This way people will see that you are actively present and interested in what they are doing. The same as with previous, people will be aware that you actually exist by communicating with them.Share links to some other pages that are related to your group or share something that you personally find inspiring. By giving your members a part of your own personality, you engage them to be more open and active in the group. By asking people to give you their own opinion on how to make your business better, you show that you are ready to learn from them.Keep in mind that people are on Facebook for entertainment and inspiration not to be sold to. Publish things that make you acquainted with you and your company in an inspiring, helpful and entertaining way.Use Facebook to help your followers and prospects. (Give without expectation of getting something back.) Help with advices in your area and be polite to people who need help. They might become your custome rs just because of that!Use Facebook to run surveys that will give you insight into what your customers need and are interested in. Instead of guessing, you can know and develop products and services they want (or need, but they do not even know it yet). Furthermore use Facebooks statistics tool to measure what your followers like and give them more of it.5. Spotlight membersBy addressing someone directly, people in your group will be sure that you treat them with respect. They will be aware that they are much more than just one more member. There are different ways to spotlight a member. You can point out someone’s good and useful thought so that other members pay more attention to it. You can ask members some questions based on some of the comments they left. By giving people the feeling that you are there for them, you encourage them to trust you and stay with you.6. Explore other groups your members belong toThis doesnt mean you have to be a secret agent. Just take some time to see what your members like, which are their interests. That’s how you can get a few more ideas and add more value to your group. Collecting inspirational ideas in this way is not something unfair and illegal, but simply looking for more tips and tricks to create the best possible group. After all, some other people will find inspiration in your group as well. That sounds flattering, right?So far you have probably seen that it takes a lot of effort to be successful, but no one said this is an overnight success. If you are looking for an instant magic to boost business by using Facebook, this is not the thing for you. But, if you are looking for something that requires an effort but pays off through time, this is what you need.STEPS TO MAKING YOUR FACEBOOK GROUP VISIBLE?Now that you know what it takes to create a good and prospective Facebook group, let’s see what are the best ways to promote it! An old rule that word of mouth“ is the most powerful weapon when it comes to ad vertising still makes a lot of sense. Nowadays even more, because words are spread in so many ways. 1. Use the Facebook pageYou probably realize that groups and pages on Facebook are not the same things. Unlike group which is closed, a page is an open form, where anyone can see that your group exists. So post ads to promote your group completely for free.If you have published a post that is particularly important, and as you know your followers need to bring you, run some ads to make it more visible. Ads are very useful, and they don’t cost much on Facebook, but can bring you a lot of new members!2. Use other Facebook groupsAs we mentioned, there are over 1 billion groups, and finding the one similar to yours isnt difficult. However, avoid spamming these groups with your link. You wouldnt like people doing that on your group, right? So, refrain from that! Each group has its own rules on self-promotion, so make sure you are familiar with them before you leave the link to your own g roup.3. Use other social media platforms and forumsPeople like to interconnect their social media profiles and share the content between them. Facebook, in this case, comes first naturally. But if you have profiles on other social media as well, feel free to mention the group. Drawing attention to it costs nothing, and if done in the right way, it can bring you numerous benefits.4. Engage the existing members to promote youOf course, you won’t go with something like Hey guys, promote my group!“ It’s just pointless. You can do it in a form of some competition, by rewarding people for gathering new members. Perhaps a giveaway is a nice treat.Moreover, people like to share content for many reasons- self-fulfillment, defining themselves to others, promoting their own likes, revealing something interesting to other people and similar. Use all these as a powerful weapon to engage people to promote your group.5. Engage influencers to become members of your groupIn order to make this step an attempt without failure, make sure the existing content on your page is indeed valuable and informative. Reaching people who are already big names in some niches is not difficult nowadays with so many ways to communicate.But, if you want an influencer to join your group and promote it, it really has to be something of top quality. It has to be something highly motivating, authentic and interesting. After all, your task is to engage an influencer, and no-one says it’s an easy thing to do!As you can see, there are many ways to make your group visible, and it’s really hard work waiting for you. But, we shall point out again, if you follow all these steps, the success is guaranteed. Your business will be on the right way. It will take some time, but it will be worth all the time and strength you invested.SET THE GROUP RULES FOR ITS SAFETYAnd the last, but not the least important is safety. Things are even more complicated on the Internet because there are many ways how your content can be endangered. That’s why you need to know some useful tips on taking good care of your groups safety.In this article, we mentioned adding guidelines and rules to your group. That way you establish some rules which both you and your members should follow. Be clear on the rules what can and cannot be posted in the group. That means you should warn people of the language they use, which means to avoid offensive words, discrimination and similar.Some people even warn that posts written in caps lock won’t be accepted because if written in that way, people get the feeling that someone is yelling at them. Also be clear in the rules regarding posting photos and links.Besides these, pay lots of attention to spams. They are something like the biggest enemies of digital business. You have to check the posts people leave in the group. Moreover, you have to check how and where is your group linked to.People use so many dirty tricks, particularly those who run the same or similar business to yours. They will do anything to lower your reputation and spam your content. It’s very unfair, so you have to make sure your content is represented at its best.If you find these things too complicated, you can hire an assistant to help you with it. Of course, for someone starting a business with a limited budget that’s just an extra cost which is not affordable at the time being. But learning all these tricks and tips will boost your own knowledge and experience, so the benefits are numerous. As time goes by, and your business grows, you can hire someone to help you. Until then, you are on your own!FINAL THOUGHTS ON HAVING A SUCCESSFUL FACEBOOK GROUP FOR BOOSTING YOUR BUSINESSAll in all, you have realized how complex and multilayered is the process of creating a Facebook group which will outstand. But, the best thing of all is that all the steps are understandable and simple. They are based on logic and gathered in this ultimate guide to making it easier for you.Onc e again, before any of these steps, make sure you have your idea well planned. Running a successful group is similar to running a successful company. Create a draft and see what are the options and what are the chances for it to succeed. A simple Google search can help you get more ideas what do people look for, so use it to expand what you are planning to establish.Now that you know all the necessary steps from creating a group to adding all the ingredients“ to it, wait no more. Make a good plan and start building your own business now!

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Furnishing the world, assessing the development of Ikea - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 802 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Statistics Essay Did you like this example? Furnishing the world, assessing the development of IKEAs competitiveness using Porters 5 forces Model, Since its origins as a small business selling knives, wallets, picture framings and whatever else its customers required, IKEA founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad has always strived to provide the product at 30-50% less than its competitors. In 1947 furniture was added to their line and in the 62 years since then IKEA has become one of, if not the biggest and most successful furniture company in the world. The company aims to provide its customers well designed and functional furniture at the right price irrespective of the customers geographic location, in fact IKEA aims to provide quality furniture cheaply as opposed to providing cheap furniture. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Furnishing the world, assessing the development of Ikea" essay for you Create order The companys vision is to create a better everyday life for its target customers, 20-35 year old first homeowners by offering a great selection of well-designed, practical home furnishings. Since IKEA has chosen this sort of affordable and distinctive marketing strategy, the company has been very successful in its expansion throughout the world. Key to this success is the way the company uses Porters 5 Forces model covering the following areas, detriment of supplier power, threat of new entrants, rivalry among existing firms, detriments of buyer power, and the threat of substitute products. IKEA meets these problems head on. By carrying out a SWOT analysis it becomes clear that IKEAs major strength is in its size and the cost savings it makes through economies of scale, it can offer a massive boost to local economies in employment, it currently outsources 90% of its production to low cost suppliers in low labor cost countries close to the raw materials required for its products, then it maximizes its logistical support through shipping and storing all of its offerings as flat pack or ready to assemble furniture. IKEA also have a unique way of pricing their furniture, instead of manufacturing the product at a fixed cost and then marking it up to make a profit, IKEA analyzes the market first and finds out what a particular piece of furniture is selling for. It then drops the price by about 30% and tasks its designers to design a similar offering without sacrificing quality for this price. The designers come up with an innovate design and this design is then given to inno vative suppliers who have the technology and skills required to make this work, and who can offer their products to IKEA at a given price due to the vast number of units being produced. IKEA runs as a franchise and as such has a system of decentralized management in place, this gives IKEA key local market knowledge and especially in local tastes while at the same time the punching power of an international organization. IKEA also keeps costs down by involving the customer, it offers the units flat packed for ease of transport and encourages customers to deliver and assemble the furniture themselves, however it will both deliver and assemble for a separate fee. IKEA does not suffer much by the way of rivalry with other firms as its concept is pretty unique, it works well as most companies cannot do what IKEA does and IKEA does not want to provide furniture in the same way as other retailers. One of IKEAs weaknesses is its standardization of products, although it allows for economies of scale it does not allow for individualism in the customers choice of product, or in variances in regional tastes, as was the case in North America where tastes favored Oak furnishings and ready to assemble furniture was frowned upon and the drawer sizes in its standard offerings were too shallow to store the sweaters Americans had a propensity for. IKEA met this challenge by redesigning their products to suit and by running with the catchy slogan its a big country, someone has to furnish it (International Marketing and Export Management p 215) By 2000, about 30 percent of IKEAs total production output were destined for the U.S. market. This successful strategy brought international sales to $1.38 billion in 2000 from $480 million in 1994. In some stores IKEA has further secured its position from other new entrants and substitute products by offering its repeat customers the service of disposing of any old or damaged IKEA furniture, this coupled with the play areas for children, Coffee shops and good customer service set it apart from the rest of the pack. This formula albeit with minor variances has seen IKEAs continued development around the globe as can be seen from the world map below. References ( International Marketing and Export Management p 215) by Gerald Albaum and Edwin Duer World Map showing locations of IKEA stores in 2007. Green represents countries with stores in operation and blue shows proposed locations taken from Turnover Chart (taken from IKEA website/facts and figures)

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Key Events in the Reformation - 1111 Words

Thesis Statement: These key events reforming religion are what shaped the world for good and for bad in the 14th to the 19th century. The Reformation was full of war and inventions that many had never seen before, affecting the religious and social political systems in positive and negative ways. The first event in the Reformation was the Printing Press. The Printing Press enabled the circulation of the bible, starting the spread of Christianity and the Catholics. The Printing Press was created by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. Before the Printing Press the bible had to be printed by hand, which meant that the copies had to be written word for word. Because they had to be written word for word only the important people had them such as Popes†¦show more content†¦There were wars during this Reformation in the 16th and 17th century that took place in many parts of Europe. The first wars took place in central and southern Europe, between the Christians and the Muslims. The Christi ans and the Muslims had been fighting each other ever since the Crusades from the 11th to the 13th century; also in the Spanish Reconquista from the 8th to the 15th century; and the Ottoman Wars in Europe from the 15th to 19th century. The wars that were the longest lasting were the wars between the Protestant and the Catholics. These wars were some of the bloodiest wars in the European wars of religion. The war between the Protestants and Catholics is called the 30 Year’s War which was the longest in the war of religions. The Counter-Reformation came better late than never as they were much needed. The Council of Trent had a major role in the counter. The Council of Trent fought for the Reformers in every way possible. â€Å"The Council of Trent believed in the areas of tradition, original sin, justification, sacraments, the holy masses, and the veneration (honoring) of saints.† The Council of Trent and the Catholics fought to become more spiritual, educated, and lite rate. The reformation was a long and bloody time. There are many ways to look at this time period. Some say it is from the church perspective and say these religions were fighting for what is right. I for sure will beShow MoreRelatedTyndale Bible And The Reformation Of England860 Words   |  4 PagesThe Reformation of England The Reformation of England was a very important, yet difficult time, in history. According to Hughes Oliphant Old, author of The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian, â€Å"The Reformation in England obviously pressed for a variety of changes that affected the whole life of the nation† (Old, 2002) There are many people and experiences that influenced this Reformation in English history. One of the biggest influences on The Reformation wasRead MoreIn Class We Have Spent A Lot Of Time Learning And Discussing1100 Words   |  5 PagesIn class we have spent a lot of time learning and discussing Martin Luther’s life and the important role that he played in the protestant reformation. Martin Luther was someone who saw many issues throughout the Catholic Church. Martin Luther was a monk and scholar who was in Wittenburg. In 1517 Luther penned the 95 theses to the door of a catholic church this document attacked the Catholic Church’s c orrupt practice of selling â€Å"indulgences† to absolve sin. He felt that religion should be more personalRead MoreThe Protestant Reformation And The Reformation Essay1379 Words   |  6 PagesThe Protestant Reformation Why the Protestant Reformation is considered a significant development in the Christian Church. The Protestant Reformation was an event which occurred within the Catholic Church during the 16th century. This Reformation was prompted by Martin Luther’s ‘95 theses’ which were a list of 95 criticisms towards the church. The Reformation formed another branch of Christianity called Protestantism which is comprised of many different Christian denominations including AnglicanRead MoreThe Religious Authority Of The Catholic Church917 Words   |  4 Pagesideas. In 16th century Europe, Catholicism was undeniably the most powerful and influential religions in Europe. Moreover, the church had become greatly involved in the political and social life of Western Europe. This was until the Protestant Reformation began, which challenged the Church not only in it’s hierarchy, practices, and biblical interpretations, but also the widespread following of Catholicism throughout Europe. Many saw this as a threat to the whole structure of society, especiallyRead MoreImpa ct Of The Protestant Reformation721 Words   |  3 Pages The Protestant Reformation during 1518-1648 was a key period in the Church’s history that saw the acts and teachings of all relifgions come under great scrutiny. Through the contributing social, cultural, politcal and religous factors that lead to the Reformation it has undoubtedy had a significant impact not only on the 16th centruy but also in our world today. Political/Religious : During the 16th century the monarchy was still actibely utilizing their power. As well as this, the whole ofRead MoreThe Reformation And Its Impact On The Early Modern Period1622 Words   |  7 PagesThe reformation was a drastic event in the early modern period that launched Europe into a massive conflict of widespread violence, through both political and religious factors. The political scene had remained very much the same before the beginning of the reformation in 1517, with many philosophers sharing similar ideas on how to handle the issues of sovereignty and private property. Religion was a long debated factor before the reformation however was brought inadvertently to the forefront ofRead MoreEssay on The Effects of the Reformation on European Life1080 Words   |  5 PagesThe Effects of the Reformation on European Life European society was divided from the word go, people all around Europe were dominantly Catholic before the reformation. This time was bringing change throughout Europe with a heavy influence on art and culture because the Renaissance was occurring; a religious revolution was also beginning, which was known as the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation was the voicing of disagreements by a German Catholic priestRead MoreThe Decline Of The 16th Century Reformation Essay1448 Words   |  6 PagesThe 16th century reformation (from the Latin word reforma, meaning change) was a revolt against the excessive power wielded by the Catholic Church throughout Europe in the 16th century, and lead to the eventual founding of Protestantism. The reformation ended the dominance of Europe by the Catholic church, separating Christians into Protestants and Catholics, and was a turning point in religious and European history. At the beginning of the 16th Century, Europe was dominantly Catholic. The CatholicRead MorePost Reformation During The Reformation Era1180 Words   |  5 PagesPost-Reformation era is remarkable better in the Good Governance compared to the centralistic Pre-Reformation era, since the authoritarian tremendous power in the pre-reformation era can be easily used to suppressed the opponents and defy the good governance principles. Unfortunately, there are some weakness with this infancy stage of decentralization in the post-reformation era due to power abuse by the district government or the local forest communities to forest resources. The euphoria of â€Å"Reformation†Read MoreProtestant Reformation And The Catholic Church Essay1339 Words   |  6 PagesProtestant Reformation and the Catholic Church have developed similarities and differences among their religions. Because they are both a major part of history they’re both equally important. The most important thing is knowing facts about our history and major events that occurred. Catholicism and Protestantism are both two very different religions that have different opinions. While Catholics use statues and paintings as a sign of inspiration Protestants did not permit them. Another key difference

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Marketing Synopsis Free Essays

After the Initial success of the casual shoes, GOES expanded its market towards the apparel and the sports shoe market as well, thereby demonstrating the power of Innovation. Since then, GOES had carved out a niche for itself through distinctive innovation. It has been adopting strategies to ensure that it could successfully renew its technology, products and process, and maintain long term competitiveness. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing Synopsis or any similar topic only for you Order Now Key Issues and Fact Finding: * According to us, first issue was, Polecat had no prior knowledge in the field of engineering and shoe industry. The research process was exhaustive. After insulting various publications and encyclopedias he recognized that a watertight breathing membrane worn by NASA astronauts can act as a prototype for his shoes. * After patenting the new technology, second issue was that none of any shoe leading companies in Italy showed interests in his product. This led him to manufacture the shoes all by himself. * Third Issue was that after diversifying Its product portfolio and expanding Internationally, GOES could not enter sports shoe market as it had intense competition and it required a very different technology. Polecat felt that every sector requires a different mind-set, but in response to nonuser requests, Golf Shoe range was launched in 2009. * The last and the major key Issue was that shoe market was highly competitive and to maintain Its position, only innovation could not help. The shoes must be stylish and trendy enough to match the style offered by others. Thus GOES had to constantly work on product differentiation while maintaining its quality and costs. Key Learning: * The very first thing this case teaches us is that â€Å"Necessity is the mother of invention†. We must be constantly aware of our surroundings. One should have zeal and enough confidence on oneself to convert the opportunity in potential offering. Polecat realized the necessity of the shoes that breathes and created a new market altogether. * Take small steps and have full faith in your potential. Polecat initially 1 OFF small. This gave him an opportunity to test the response of the customers in limited period of time. After getting satisfactory response, he then switched over to men and women wear and expanded the market gradually. * â€Å"Think big†. Initially he started locally and then expanded its target market by entering in apparels and sport shoes. The company then, internationally diversified its product portfolio. Polecat realized his true potential and knew to what extent he could go. Questions: IQ . What do creativity and innovation Signify and entail? What are the key types of innovation? SQ. Analyses Goose’s innovative strategy in detail. What are features of this strategy that have made Goes shoes a success? What factors, other than product innovation, does Goes owe its competitive advantage to? Q. 3. Assess the market environment of the industries Goes operate in. Who are Goose’s key competitors? What Strategies and options are available to Goes for sustaining its position in these industries? ANSI : Creativity: The process of generating ideas and new ways of doing things is called as creativity. This term is more frequently used in arts. It more refers to the thought process. Innovation: The process of generating ideas and filtering them checking the feasibility of the idea and implementing the idea to create value is called innovation. In simple terms it is the process of creating value by generating new ideas or changing existing ideas. Creativity is a part of innovation. Types of Innovation: Product Innovation: It involves the process of creating new products or altering existing product with new technology in order to create value to the customer. Process Innovation: It involves the key changes in the way of doing business. Impact of process innovation would be big. It should be communicated with the end user effectively. Service Innovation: Creating new service applications which enables the customer much convenience. NAS:2 Innovation strategy for GOES: A good idea, constant collaboration with universities in order to see if idea is feasible and improve it and a patent to protect the innovation. Success Factors: * Company invested heavily in RD. In 2008 GOES spent SIS$ 20. Million on RD expenses. * GOES emphasized on the value of the patents. It made development of â€Å"Breathing Technology’ its mission and held over 50 patents in this field. These 50 include Rubber soles patent, Leather soles patent, Apparel patent, patents related to processes, equipment and machinery and material. These patents helped in gaining competitive edge. Factors that Gave Competitive advantage: They positioned themselves as one of a kind catering to the entire family. Product categories were based on the target customer Target customer: Male, Female, Pricing: Medium to medium-high price range of market Product Categories: Classic products which were elegant and traditional. Casual products which were wearable and adaptable. Production: High quality standards, continuously improving flexibility and time to market, Cost leadership. Marketing: They concentrated around the product features I. E. Technology rather than only concentrating in the fashion and style thus making a clear differentiation from other products. They advertised using the images of product and breathable sole technology. Distribution System: Very efficient and adaptable distribution system for each country they operate in based on their structure. How to cite Marketing Synopsis, Essays

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The Rich Brother free essay sample

Many times family can be the source of your strength as well as your greatest weakness. The short story, The Rich Brother, by Tobias Wolff shows the issues that people all over the world confront. One of the major themes in this story is that family ties are stronger than anything else no matter what the situation is. Since Donald and Pete were children they showed certain rivalry between them. As they grew older their difference of opinion towards life went into totally opposite horizons. While Pete is a businessman with a great family, Donald stills single with not plan for life. When Pete knew that Donald was kicked out of the farm where he was living, Pete offered help to him. Pete offered hospitality until Donald finds his way. He also expresses his concern about what can happen to Donald in that long trip, so Pete comes and pick him up. We will write a custom essay sample on The Rich Brother or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Also Pete gave some money to Donald so he can support himself for a while. On the other hand, Donald is worry about Petes view from life. Donald tries to convince him that money is not everything in life. Although that Pete used to hurt Donald when they were kids and Donald accused him of it, deep in his heart, Donald stills loving Pete. Later on we discovered that Donald gave all the money to Webster; and when Pete realize what his little brother did he gets really displeased. After their discussion Pete left Donald at the edge of the dark and lonely road. After while Pete decided to come back and pick him up again. Even though they have being separated for long time, Pete shows that sense of protection by taking care of Donald. As well as Donald takes care of him in his own way. That is what families do for their members, not matter what their strength or weaknesses are. After all, they have the same blood. The two brothers cannot live without one another. Even though they have many issues that superficially separate them, family ties are more important and stronger than any other thing.